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Our goal is to promote Irish Innovation and Irish Innovators globally; with a view to making impactful business connections across the Irish diaspora. We accelerate access to talent, customers, partners and potential investors.

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Digital Irish Podcast

The Digital Irish Podcast tells a global story of Irish innovation.

Successful Irish entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and global leaders share their journey on the path to success within Ireland and abroad.

In each episode, we will also hear from Irish startup founders around the world and the companies they are building.

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Enterprise Ireland: Sean Davis

Sean Davis is the New York based Enterprise Ireland Regional Director for the Americas, taking up the post in August 2016, leading a team based in 9 offices across North & South America.

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Zai: Paul Byrne

Paul is back for round #2! This time he’s here to discuss Zai, a company he joined in October 2016, having been a customer for several years before.

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