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Our mission is to promote Irish Innovation and Irish Innovators globally, with a view to making impactful business connections across the Irish diaspora.

Established as a volunteer non-profit in 2013, and with communities today in New York, London and Chicago, Digital Irish provides a ‘soft-landing’ for Irish startups expanding into the USA and UK.

We accelerate access to talent, customers, partners and potential investors, through offline channels like regular fast-pitch meetup events and networking opportunities, as well as industry expert panels and fireside chats, and online digital tools.

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Digital Irish Podcast

The Digital Irish Podcast tells a global story of Irish innovation.

Successful Irish entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and global leaders share their journey on the path to success within Ireland and abroad.

In each episode, we will also hear from Irish startup founders around the world and the companies they are building.

Latest News


Alison: Mike Feerick

What is the future of education in a virtual world? Mike Feerick, CEO of Alison, has a unique insight into how this $5 Trillion industry is about to turn on its head.

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Wrangling Fake News To Wrestlemania 36

Decimated financially by the lack of physical attendance at events, the industry has had to figure out new methods and channels of distribution to keep their audiences engaged, and the revenues rolling in. The show, as they say, must go on!

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Kinzen: Mark Little

Misinformation is the cultural virus of our modern era. Mark Little, with his most recent start-up, Kinzen, is bringing a journalistic solution to the problem.

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CurrencyFair: Paul Byrne

Paul Byrne is by all accounts a builder of companies. Between 2007-2016 Paul built and sold three companies and during this time he developed a playbook to scale businesses successfully.

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Verizon: Ronan Dunne

Ronan Dunne, CEO Verizon Consumer, shares his progressive views on the role of the CEO and why he believes that the leadership playbook of the past is no longer relevant to today’s workplace.

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Strong Roots: Samuel Dennigan

Growing up in a third-generation family business Samuel Dennigan was expected to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. But Samuel decided that he needed to go it alone and create his own legacy.

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