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Our mission is to promote Irish Innovation and Irish Innovators globally, with a view to making impactful business connections across the Irish diaspora.

Established as a volunteer non-profit in 2013, and with communities today in New York, London and Chicago, Digital Irish provides a ‘soft-landing’ for Irish startups expanding into the USA and UK.

We accelerate access to talent, customers, partners and potential investors, through offline channels like regular fast-pitch meetup events and networking opportunities, as well as industry expert panels and fireside chats, and online digital tools.

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Digital Irish Podcast

The Digital Irish Podcast tells a global story of Irish innovation.

Successful Irish entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and global leaders share their journey on the path to success within Ireland and abroad.

In each episode, we will also hear from Irish startup founders around the world and the companies they are building.

Latest News


Learning Pool: Mary McKenna

Mary McKenna is an Irish technology entrepreneur and angel investor. In this interview, we chat about the many chapters in Mary’s career that have made her an in-demand Startup advisor around the world.

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Insight Partners: Cian Cotter

Cian Cotter is the Managing Partner of Insight Partners, the growth-stage private equity firm based in New York City. Insight Partners recently raised a fund of $9.5 Billion in software businesses.

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