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About Digital Irish

Our mission is to promote Irish Innovation and Irish Innovators globally, with a view to making impactful business connections across the Irish diaspora. We shine a spotlight on Irish Innovation, sharing the success stories of entrepreneurs, funders, educators, government and corporate leaders that are making an impact on the global market. 

Established as a volunteer non-profit in 2013, and with communities today in New York and London, Digital Irish provides a ‘soft-landing’ for Irish startups expanding into the USA and UK.

What does our community look like?

  • 5,000+ Members in New York, London, Chicago and Online.
  • 165+ Startup pitches from companies covering a broad spectrum of industries and markets.
  • 7 Investments through our affiliated investment group, Digital Irish Angels.*
  • An infinite number of connections made for startups and professionals.

*Digital Irish Inc. is an US-registered 501c6 Not-For-Profit. Digital Irish Angels is a separate, limited liability entity.

What we Do

We accelerate access to talent, customers, partners and potential investors, through offline channels like regular fast-pitch meetup events and networking opportunities, as well as industry expert panels and fireside chats, and online digital tools.

We host approx. 20 events annually in NYC and London. Each event is generally prescribed a theme (e.g. fintech etc.) where leading industry experts are invited as keynote speakers to educate our audiences. Following the keynotes, 3 Irish startups (related to the theme of the event) are invited to pitch to the community. The startups are advised to ask the community for relevant support, introductions and feedback. Our aim is to add value to the presenting companies and our community, by networking.

Live events are held approx. every month, between September and June. Attendance range is typically at 100+ (event space capacity) , with a much larger audience also tuning in to our live stream.

Our Digital Irish Podcast series is an in-depth investigation of Irish Innovators and emerging tech firms around the world, featuring Enterprise Ireland representatives, Irish Consulates, tech firms and businesses that are paving the Irish international innovation path to success.

In addition to our events program and podcast, we also host invitation-only pitch evenings, J1 career workshops, and training workshops across a variety of disciplines (e.g. Sales Leadership).

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