Investing and supporting globally ambitious, innovative Irish companies

About DIA

Digital Irish Angels (DIA) was formed for two reasons;

  • To provide a way for US based accredited investors to invest in and support early stage companies in Ireland. 
  • To provide a place where Irish based companies can meet US based investors interested in investing in Irish Companies.

The organization was started in the summer of 2015 by Shane Naughton, Feargall Kenny, Pat Phelan and David Beatty. In the same year, the group’s members have invested directly into 2 Irish based companies.

Digital Irish Angels is the US Partner of HBAN – the Halo Business Angel Network


Digital Irish Angels was created based on the following simple principles and presumptions:

  • DIA members have an affinity to Ireland and are part of a greater Irish community
  • DIA members are a group of self-selecting, accredited investors that seek a way to be meaningfully involved with early stage Irish companies.
  • DIA members have a network in the US that can be highly beneficial to Irish based companies.
  • DIA members are committed to supporting Irish companies by investing cash, as well as investing time and energy and making introductions.

The investment rational is to co-invest alongside Ireland-based VC’s and angel groups in Irish based companies.  DIA seeks to be a value add syndication partner through the active participation of our members supporting our portfolio companies. Syndication partners in Ireland include, Delta Partners, and the HBAN angel network.

After discussion with members about the best way to move forward in 2016, DIA seeks to structure the organization to enable quicker and more effective decision making by creating an investment syndicate.