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Career Development

Every year, more than 8,000 talented Irish students travel to the USA in search of work, to kickstart their career. In the absence of a network, it is extremely difficult for J1 visa students to find employment relevant to their skills and experiences.

Digital Irish recognizes this difficulty and aims to shortlist a network of highly qualified, motivated Irish graduates and notify them, via our email blasts, of great companies that are currently hiring in the USA. Typical positions in which recent graduates find employment include; sales, business development, social media management, marketing, finance / accounting, and IT.

For Students

You must be a recent graduate of an Irish university and eligible for the J1 Visa (1 Year Graduate Visa). Work demands are tough in the US, so be prepared. You will be expected to have a strong work ethic and add value through your work.

While we will facilitate making introductions to companies everything else will be your sole responsibility. We do not charge a fee, this is a voluntary service to help you find work.

For Companies

If you are a company interested in providing an Irish graduate with a valuable learning opportunity, and if you have a suitable position available, we ask that you consider notifying Digital Irish to help fill the vacancy with our network of candidates.

You will be directly supporting Ireland and Irish students by providing a valuable learning environment.

For more information, please contact us.