Digital Irish At The Global Irish Civic Forum 2023

Digital Irish recently participated in the Global Irish Civic Forum at Dublin Castle, represented by London Board Member, Jack Stenson.

The forum was an opportunity for leaders of Irish business, cultural and charity groups around the world shared their perspectives on progress and problems.

Jack raised a few proposals. The most important, captured in the video below, was a call to better equip young people with the tools and information they need to set up a successful life abroad.

As a group, we’re in the midst of creating a digital platform to connect the global Irish diaspora so watch this space!

The conference opened with moving words by Micheál Martin – “We and the diaspora – each needs to reflect the other, and remember the other”. Close friend of Digital Irish, Ciaran Madden then highlighted the main challenge at hand; “85% of Irish abroad aren’t part of any Irish organization”. The grá remains, but connections diminish and influence wanes.

Hilary Beirne led a compelling argument for better voting rights for those abroad and representation in the Seanad. Dennis Brownlee of The African American Irish Diaspora Network shared some beautiful words on the need for greater efforts to engage those of mixed heritage. As Lorraine Maher summed up the problem, “they don’t claim their Irishness”.

Most importantly it was great to meet the like minded people pushing for progress in their own way. Many thanks to Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland for the invitation.


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