ICYMI: Digital Irish & IIBN Joint Event

Great first joint event last night between IIBN and Digital Irish.

As promised, please find all the contact details and reminders of the startups’ asks below. Follow them, like them on Facebook, promote them to your friends and network and please try and help them meet their specific asks. We look forward to seeing you at future events and hearing about the great connections you were able to make for these firms!


Find Digital Irish and IIBN

IIBN | Twitter | Website

Digital Irish | Twitter | LinkedIn | Website

Irish Consulate | Twitter | LinkedIn


Startup Pitches

PAGEFAIR | Twitter | Website

Sean Blanchfield | Twitter
Technology to circumvent ad blocking and repopulate the vacated ad slots with acceptable ads for users.


  1. Venture Funding
  2. Introductions to the following folks in the advertising ecosystem

DIRECT – Major advertisers at high risk of ad blocking – those targeting technical folks, gamers, millenials – think Technolology firms
INDIRECT – Agencies dealing with ad blocking issues for clients.
INDIRECT – Networks / RTB / Rich Media firms in ad tech ecosystem.


LIKECHARITYTwitter | Website
Tadhg O’Toole | Twitter
Revolutionizing charity marketing through technology with a focus on TV ad spend, mobile payments, in person follow up and a creative financial approach.


  1. Financing – NOW bridge financing of $1m and, shortly, Venture financing of $3m
  2. Introductions to major charities – especially those with significant direct mail or TV advertising spend. For example they are currently working with Sightsavers

SMIGIN | Twitter | FacebookWebsite | Download the App!
Susan O’Brien
Intuitive language app for travellers – both individual and corporate.


  1. Introduction to firms in the travel sector (airlines, hotel chains etc) and any large corporates with employees that travel / relocate (think consulting firms, banks etc)
  2. Funding – looking for $500k approx

COMPENDIA | Twitter | FacebookWebsite
Tony Prylowski
Powerful Enterprise Tablet collaboration framework.


  1. Investment sought of $1.5m
  2. Customer connections in Financial, professional services, insurance

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