European Startups: Building Smart Cities

Digital Irish presents Europe’s Startup Lighthouse and SoftLanding awardees for a far-reaching investigation on Smart Cities.

In conjunction with Dublin City University (DCU)/Ryan Academy and the European Commission, we present Europe’s Startup Lighthouse and SoftLanding awardees for a far-reaching investigation on Smart Cities.

Startup Pitches

  1. Enerbrain (Italy)
  2. Capte (Netherlands)
  3. NevisQ’s (Germany)
  4. Popertee (Ireland)
  5. Precision Navigation Systems (Estonia)


More details on the startups below. Event to be moderated by Mary Ann Pierce, MAP Digital & Digital Irish Board with short presentations by:

  1. Kate Hogan DCU – Ryan Academy: Startup Lighthouse
  2. Jurga Mečinskienė, SoftLanding
  3. Eimear Friel, Deputy Consul General, Consulate General of Ireland, New York

After panel discussion, each Startup will deliver a 3 minute pitch.

This presentation will be webcast live on Digital Irish’s Facebook.


Bank of Ireland Innovation Lab, 140 East 45th Street, New York, NY 10017

Thursday, October 17th, 2019 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM (EST)

About The Startups

  1. Enerbrain (Italy) is an innovative Italian startup with global ambitions, who wants to increase and promote the energy efficiency and comfort management in non-residential buildings through a groundbreaking, plug&play IoT kit that can be easily and quickly installed in every kind of building (historical or modern). We ensure 20% energy savings, lower CO2 emissions and improved comfort thanks to our unique scalable IoT solution, formed by a hardware part and a software part.
  2. Capte (the Netherlands) provides end-to-end IOT solutions using in-house developed hardware, software and connectivity. Our devices are installed on assets to extract data from on-board computers and surrounding sensors using wired and wireless protocols. Data is being transmitted into our cloud solution to create actionable alerts and analytics to save the costs of maintenance and operations while providing extra services to third parties.
  3. NevisQ‘s (Germany) vision is to digitize the care industry to relieve the burden of caregivers involved and to make the lives of older people more secure and more enjoyable. As a first step, we have developed a sensor system that discretely monitors the rooms of the residents and patients in order to detect critical situations such as falls and then to notify these to the nursing staff.
  4. Popertee (Ireland) is a retail analytics company that recommends physical spaces for marketing and retail campaigns. We also measure performance of campaigns sharing insights such as footfall, dwell times and audience profiles.
  5. Precision Navigation Systems (Estonia): HIVE — is a cloud-based solution for super accurate GNSS-positioning and navigation. By smart utilization of GNSS-data from existing ground-based GNSS reference stations (CORS) across the world HIVE helps drones, robots and other GNSS-equipped autonomous systems to be positioned, navigated and tracked with up to 1 inch precision in real time.

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