From Novelty to Supply Chain Game-Changer – The Evolution of 3D Printing

Please join us for our next Digital Irish event at Bank of Ireland NYC Hub, on Wednesday April 6th from 6:30pm, where we’ll host Aidan O’Sullivan of Shapeways, to discuss the past, present and future of 3D printing.

Aidan is an operations executive with 15+ years of experience in driving and delivering improved efficiency.

He is the Vice President of Operations at Shapeways – is a leader in digital manufacturing. Combining high-quality, flexible on-demand manufacturing with purpose-built proprietary software enables any customers to rapidly transform digital designs to physical products.

Prior to joining Shapeways Aidan worked for Kerry Group across both Europe and the U.S. in a variety of operations roles.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin.  He earned a Master in Business Administration from NYU.

The future of 3D printing lies in the business opportunities that lie in adoption of the technology. One area businesses have seen immense value is 3D printing’s impact on the supply chain. With top 3D printing companies rapidly making the technology more accessible to a wide range of industries, more and more companies have embraced 3D printing’s streamlined supply chain. In years past, global supply chains were so productive and reliable that they were virtually invisible to consumers — and rarely discussed outside of business circles. Now, supply chain problems have overrun many aspects of our daily lives.


*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, building access requires all guests to be vaccinated.

**A live-stream will not be available for this event.


About Your Ticket

For this event, we are charging $10. All proceeds from ticket sales are being donated to support Rapid Response Ukrainea humanitarian organization based in Sligo, Ireland, working directly with a team of volunteers in Poland and Ukraine, delivering medical supplies to the Head of health department in Kharkiv.

Rapid Response Ukraine is currently fundraising to deliver these urgently requested items such as first aid, medical & pharmaceutical supplies to these war-torn areas. Rapid Response Ukraine’s peer-to-peer network can deliver the last mile of these supplies within Ukraine, where some of the larger relief agencies care unable to reach at this time.

The initiative is backed by Fergal Nealon, (



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