ICYMI: Building A Business Culture

Building an effective business culture is becoming an important tool in supporting technology companies attract, retain and motivate talent. Workplace culture is often a deciding factor for talented millennials, who want more than just a job!
Leading experts, including executives working in multinational organizations and leading consultants, shared their challenges and advice for members of the NYDI community.
The Panel
  • Cormac Cullinane – Senior Vice President, Worldwide Recruiter & Executive Search at Time Warner Inc
  • Katherine King – Crown Worldwide Intercultural Trainer at Crown Relocations
  • Anthony Pratofiorito – Chief Human Resources Officer- MUFG Investor Services (Mitsubishi Bank)
  • Peter Phelan – Founder & CEO, ValuesCulture (Moderator) 

5 Key Takeaways 

1. Irish Humor – we are not as funny as we think we are! It is important for Irish start ups to remember the difference between Irish and American culture when making presentations in the US or building US based teams. I think we are hilarious but other people don’t get our self deprecating humor! This is also a very important for J1 visa holders to consider when going for job interviews. Be confident and assertive. Stop being humble. Sell yourself!
2. It is very important to build and cement a culture at an early stage. Start ups frequently grow at a rapid and exponential pace. As a result, companies fail to carry out proper assessments for cultural fit during the recruitment process and can skip proper induction and training. This can result in discord among staff members and stunt the growth potential of the company.
3. Companies expanding and building abroad must understand cultural differences. Cormac Cullinane (SVP at TimeWarner Inc) and Anthony Pratofiorito (Chief Human Resources Officer – MUFG Investor Services) spoke of the challenges and differences in the recruiting process across global markets, including countries in Asia and Latin America. Better understanding of these cultural differences enables the company to hire the best talent abroad which brings us to the next point…
4. Diversity is critical for bringing fresh perspectives, especially at the executive level.
5. On Sexual Harassment – When responding to a question from the crowd,  Katherine highlighted that sexual harassment warranted a full discussion in itself, but highlighted: “Organizations must reward employees for speaking up”.

Startup Pitches

Exciting start ups presented at this event, including Mustard which has received investment from Digital Irish Angels. Learn more about them below. We ask that members of the community reach out to these companies with your connections and to support Irish tech.

PaySlip is an innovative global payroll management software headquartered in Mayo which enables companies to manage and control the entire payroll process end to end on one secure platform. Ask: Introductions to HR Executives & CFO’s

Social Talent trains recruiters how to find the best candidates for their job vacancies using online sourcing techniques. Leading multinationals such as Oracle train their recruiters to better use online technology to find and hire future workers.

Tandem HR Solutions’ platform enables organizations and employees to capture and analyze feedback that is critical for improving corporate culture. Ask: Introductions to HR Executives or individuals responsible for business culture

Mustard empowers agencies to seamlessly connect clients and the world’s most exciting businesses directly with talented software engineers. Ask: Warm introductions to C-Level Executives working in Recruitment Agencies.



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