ICYMI: The Supply & Demand of Attention Masterclass

In case you missed it (ICYMI), here’s a catch up from our most recent masterclass, on managing the supply and demand of your attention.

The masterclass was hosted by Patrick McAndrew, Digital Irish Podcast producer and team member, as well as CEO of The Bowery Common.

Fiona said:

Biggest takeaway was how long it takes to get back to the tasks at hand after our social media “breaks”

Donal said:

Surprising: Routine decisions around early morning activity was common!

Susanna said:

Surprising? How much energy we spend background processing.

Jack said:

Surprised at how unevolved our distraction-prone lizards brains are and how bad we are at managing multiple things!

Steve said:

Technology and the internet are tools for information and communication and at the same time a drain of energy and time.

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