J1 Story: James Cumiskey, KEMP Technologies

James Cumiskey is a County Armagh native working in NYC. James is passionate about travel, writing, Irish politics, fitness, and technology. He has been collaborating with Digital Irish by writing a series of articles for young professionals wanting to work in NYC.

James is currently the Business Development Manager for KEMP Technologies, who provide application load-balancing solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses, Fortune 1000 enterprises and public sector clients worldwide.

James, tell us about your role and what you like most about it?

As Business Development Manager for KEMP, I currently work to identify genuine leads and opportunities for KEMP. I educate IT End Users on KEMP’s solutions and services and advise how it can be best used in their environment.

The position is an enjoyable one. Being the first point of contact, it’s a personable and an engaging role in which I get to speak with many types of people across North America, about a solution they’re interested in and that I truly believe can fit their needs.

Tell us more about KEMP Technologies. What makes you different?

With over 40,000 worldwide deployments KEMP Technologies’ mission has always been to help customers get the best Return-on-Investment in our load balancers, receiving all the features of our competitors and more, across all platforms, at cost-effective value.

You have been in New York for over a year now, what advice would you have for young professionals looking to make a career in NY?

As a non-American you have to be ahead of the game. Being prepared and setting yourself apart is key. Know your worth. Be educated about the visa process, not all HR departments will know it. Invest time in a professional network outside of work and keep your options open. Do your work well and efficiently. Become invaluable and your career should follow suit.

What is your ambition professionally for the next 5 years?

New York has given me great exposure to the US and the technology market here. Ideally in a few years I do want to be located back in Ireland. Thankfully KEMP has an office there I can transfer to from which I can continue my experience in the European Arena and expand my career hopefully in a more consultative and leadership role.

What was the best piece of career advice that you have received?

Speak to everyone. Put yourself out there – a simple hello whether it be a stranger or someone you work with. You never know what will come of it or where that conversation leads. Nobody’s going to speak for you, you have to do it yourself. l learnt that from my father.

Read James’ blog post on his experience and advice on making it in NY here.



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