Networking Gems From Margaret Molloy

To be successful in your chosen career every professional needs to learn some good networking habits. Being a networker or connector is not just a requirement to be successful, it is necessary for survival in today’s connected world. Connecting people and networking can be learned by any personality type – extrovert or introvert. What follows below are the networking gems from Margaret Molloy.

In a recent interview with IrishCentral, Margaret Molloy, Global Chief Marketing Officer and global head of business development, at Siegel+Gale, shared some of her networking insights with us. Siegel+Gale is a strategic branding firm that believes simplicity belongs at the heart of any successful brand story. A simple story told well helps brands create enduring relationships with their audiences.

As a CMO with the responsibility of acquiring new business, connecting with people is an important skill that Molloy has mastered.

She believes that great connections and a strong network are the difference between success and failure in all careers. Molloy advises to make a habit of key actions in the context of networking. If you follow this simple advice consistently networking success will follow.

According to Molloy, “Ask great, but open ended questions when you meet people. Be curious and present in the moment of asking the question and most important, listen to the response. The very best questions will deliver useful learning, insight, knowledge from those you question. Don’t fill silence with more questions. Allow those you are questioning the time to deliver a thoughtful response to your open-ended question.”

Molloy advises being proactive about helping people you meet by discovering how you can help them and then introducing them to people in your network. This enables you and your new connection to sustain your existing network.

Molloy follows this up by recommending that we should all embrace social media channels to build and maintain a network. There are some simple tips to follow here from congratulating people on new jobs to sharing interesting articles.

On a practical level Molloy advises using tools like Twitter lists and LinkedIn Contacts app to stay in touch as well as making social part of your work day. There are great tools like Hootsuite to manage and schedule social interactions with your network.

Finally how you manage that network as it grows is key to success. An active and vibrant network requires attention and work. Molloy’s two final suggestions are, always, always follow up. This is the most effective way to build a network. And practice makes perfect!


Margaret Molloy is originally from County Offaly in Ireland. Over the past 20 years, she has built a successful career as a strategic B2B marketer. Her work helps companies increase marketing effectiveness and drive brand growth.

Molloy has been consistently recognized as one of the most influential CMOs on Twitter. Her marketing thought leadership has been published in Forbes, Fast Company, The Economist, Lean Back and many more outlets. A captivating speaker, she is renowned for her skill at convening and leading provocative panels.

She earned her MBA from Harvard Business School and received her undergraduate degrees from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland and La Universidad de Valladolid, Spain.

Previously, Molloy was Chief Marketing Officer and partner at Velocidi, the digital agency. She also served as Senior Vice President of Marketing at Gerson Lehrman Group, the world’s leading expert network.

Margaret was recognized among the “Top 100 Irish Americans in Business” by Irish America magazine. Margaret is also on the advisory board of Sightsavers International and is an active member of the American Ireland Fund.

Follow her on Twitter @MargaretMolloy


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