Olus: Gavin Molloy

Gavin Molloy is the Chief Product Officer and Co-founder at Olus Education. Olus supports digital learning in two key areas: 

  1. Core digital skills in primary and secondary schools 
  2. Advanced digital learning and computer science skills at home (extracurricular)

Olus offers much needed resources for schools and students as the demand for coding, creative media and cloud skills continues to grow; through a professional development tool, as well as a personal learning platform for 7-18 year olds.

Prior to Olus, Gavin worked as a senior ICT consultant at the City Learning Centre in London. He also worked as a primary school teacher (in Ireland and the UK), a Digital Learning lecturer in St Patrick’s College (Drumcondra) and an Education and Media Officer at Trocaire (NGO). In total, he has been working in education and ICT for over fifteen years.

This episode is hosted by Dave Byrne.


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