Digital Irish Podcast

The Digital Irish Podcast tells a global story of Irish innovation.

Successful Irish entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and global leaders share their journey on the path to success within Ireland and abroad.

In each episode, we will also hear from Irish startup founders around the world and the companies they are building.

Enterprise Ireland Podcast Series

Enterprise Ireland supports Irish companies at every stage of their journey, to develop, grow and scale, and to achieve their global ambition.

EI supported companies employ over 200,000 people around the country. Irish-owned businesses play a vital role in our economy, create sustainable jobs and drive prosperity in communities. From start-ups to SMEs to multinationals, EI support Irish-owned companies on their journey as they scale, develop capabilities and expand their global footprint.

The Irish Fintech Ecosystem

Join us for a dynamic discussion with leading experts from Ireland’s booming Fintech scene. We’ll dive into the powerful synergy between government, academia, and businesses.

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