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Our mission is to promote Irish Innovation and Irish Innovators globally, with a view to making impactful business connections across the Irish diaspora. We shine a spotlight on Irish Innovation, sharing the success stories of entrepreneurs, funders, educators, government and corporate leaders that are making an impact on the global market. 

Established as a volunteer non-profit in 2013, and with communities today in New York and London, Digital Irish provides a ‘soft-landing’ for Irish startups expanding into the USA and UK.

What does our community look like?

  • 5,000+ Members in New York, London, Chicago and Online.
  • 165+ Startup pitches from companies covering a broad spectrum of industries and markets.
  • 7 Investments through our affiliated investment group, Digital Irish Angels.*
  • An infinite number of connections made for startups and professionals.

*Digital Irish Inc. is an US-registered 501c6 Not-For-Profit. Digital Irish Angels is a separate, limited liability entity.