Working The Room & Working The Zoom


With the impact of the COVID19 lockdown, are you continuing to develop your professional network?

How are you currently adding purpose to your networking activities and building a base of contacts that can help you through your career? (A career that is almost guaranteed to be non-linear!)

This coming Friday, June 12th at 10:00am EDT, I am delighted to host Kelly Hoey – bestselling author, speaker and online media maven of “Build Your Dream Network” – for a masterclass event titled “Working The Room & Working The Zoom: Nurturing Your Network w/ Kelly Hoey”

With me, Feargall Kenny, as your host we’ll discuss practical tips on how to be more effective with your online and in-person networking, future-proofing your career.

I have two requests:

  1. Please let us know any questions you might have for Kelly in advance using the signup form
  2. What is your primary networking goal is at the moment?

You can learn more about Kelly:

  1. On her website
  2. On her podcast
  3. By signing up for her newsletter
  4. By reading her new bestselling book

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!


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