Wrangling Fake News To Wrestlemania 36


COVID19 continues to have a significant impact on the entertainment industry, with theaters closing their doors, film productions on hold, sports and stadium-based events on lock down.

Decimated financially by the lack of physical attendance at events, the industry has had to figure out new methods and channels of distribution to keep their audiences engaged, and the revenues rolling in. The show, as they say, must go on!

This coming Wednesday, October 14th at 07:00pm EDT, I am delighted to host Markham Nolan – VP of Media Operations at WWE – to discuss how organizations can incorporate technology, content and a disciplined strategy to keep audiences engaged in the current environment – just like WWEs most recent production of Wrestlemania 36.

We’ll explore Markham’s storied career, that started as a sailing photographer at 17 and included running an embroidery business, Head of Visual Storytelling at Vocativ and Senior Director of Editorial, Growth and Engagement at CBS.

In particular, we’ll also take a dive into Markham’s career at Storyful – one of Ireland’s great startup success stories – to discuss the changing nature of journalism, the investigative news process and combating the rise of Fake News.

Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday!


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