Goodrays: Eoin Keenan

Eoin Keenan is a recognized public speaker, and a cannabis and CBD industry leader. 

He has spent a decade studying the international cannabis market. Beginning as part of his Undergraduate Degree at Trinity College, Eoin spent a year studying the leading markets in California and Canada. Since returning to Europe, he has spent the last 6 years growing some of the industry’s most influential brands; Prohibition Partners, Cannabis Europa, PSYCH and European Cannabis Week, helping build them from concept to high-growth businesses.

In 2020, he launched Goodrays, a premium cannabis drinks and edibles brand that delivers all the de-stressing benefits of CBD to adventurous and health conscious consumers. Built by a team with a history of creating powerful and dynamic brands, Goodrays is defining a new category of relaxation products with cannabis.

In our final episode looking at Irish innovation in Corporate Cannabis, Eoin speaks about the opportunities and challenges establishing a consumer brand in a highly regulated environment, and what the future may hold for the industry.

This episode is hosted by Dave Byrne.


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