ICYMI: Climate Analytics – Looking Into Our Future

Thanks to all who came out for our Climate Analytics event this past Wednesday. I was delighted to speak with our panelists Mike Hanrahan of Sustain.Life, Sabina Munnelly of Baringa, and Rael McNally of Blackrock. A special thanks to Quad.com for hosting us at their space.

Startup Pitches

Damien Keane, Enterprise Solutions Lead, ActionZero

ActionZero is an industry leader for creating and deploying ground-breaking, self-funding solutions for a zero-emissions world across industrial, enterprise and global consumer markets. The company helps organisations to adopt a systematic approach to how they manage energy and decarbonise operations through strategic consultancy and project delivery.

Founded in 2021, ActionZero has developed the EscoPod, an ultra-efficient, high temperature (up to 100°C), multi-function heat pump system tailored to specific applications. ActionZero’s data analytics solution means you also have full visibility in real time of system performance, with dashboards detailing carbon savings, energy savings and cost savings. ActionZero recently announced a new partnership with DunBia Group, a division of Dawn Meats in the UK and recently been named a finalist in the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.


Georgina Foley, Chief Operations Office, Exceedence

Established in 2015, Exceedence Ltd. is an Irish software and advisory company specializing in the renewable energy sector. The company develops and licenses financial modelling software. The company recently launched Exfin, a cloud-based software that assimilates technical and cost data to produce robust financial digital twins of wave, tidal, fixed, and floating offshore wind projects, and combined technologies.

Georgina Foley is the Chief Commercial Officer of Exceedence and has a long background in Green Policy & Strategy, working closely with multiple stakeholders across the sector from developers to policy makers with a particular focus on developing the European renewable energy supply chain.Many of the projects completed so far have completed in the UK & Europe, for example work on EU-SCORES, the Horizon 2020 green deal project, and the development of OPTIWAVE – Financial and engineering optimization software for wave energy systems.


John O’Neill, Co-Founder & CEO, Hub360

HUB360 has developed a range of resource planning tools that optimize the reduction of carbon emissions through efficient load planning & management of resources in manufacturing and logistics.. For example, HUB360 Smart Logistics Platform has enabled Mannok (formerly the Quinn Group) achieve a nearly 50% reduction in delivery-related carbon emissions through efficient and sustainable distribution processes.

The HUB360 team consists of experts in both logistics and technology, with a wealth of knowledge in the development of online systems, the logistics industry, and the implementation and management of ERP systems. HUB360 were selected as part of the Bord Na Móna Accelerate Green Programme which aligns so closely with HUB360’s own values: to respond to climate action and sustainability using smart technology.


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