Industry 4.0 – The Industrial Digital Transformation

This podcast explores the human side of industrial digital transformation. We talk to leaders who are harnessing the power of technology to create a more connected, collaborative, and agile workforce.

We discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation, and we share stories of how people are coming together to create a more sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive future for industry.

Join us as we explore the intersection of people, collaboration, and technology in the age of industrial digital transformation.

Listen and learn how:

  • People are the key to successful digital transformation
  • Collaboration is essential for breaking down silos and driving innovation
  • A shared vision can help organizations navigate the challenges of change
  • Digital transformation can create a more sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive future for industry.

Our panel includes:

  • Dr Andrew Lynch, Chief Innovation Officer, Irish Manufacturing Research ( Andrew is the Chief Innovation Officer at Irish Manufacturing Research.  He is the international Vice President of the EUREKA SMART Manufacturing Board of Directors, chairs the ManuFuture ETP Working Group (State Aid Strategies- Research & Innovation) and is the national delegate to the European manufacturing policy platform, ManuFuture High Level Group (HLG). Andrew has recently been nominated by EFFRA to the Made in Europe Partnership Board, an expert board which meets regularly with the European Commission to discuss the scope and modalities of the Partnership and future call topics.
  • Joe Peppard, Professor and Academic Director at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School – teaching and consulting in the domains of IT leadership, digital strategy and innovation, the execution of digital transformation programs, the creation of value from IT investments, and in the role, structure and capabilities of the IT unit in contemporary organizations.
This episode is hosted by Dave Byrne

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