Nokia Bell Labs: Domhnaill Hernon

The Bells Labs is the birthplace of world-changing innovations. The transistor, cellular phones, solar cells and the laser are just a few of the innovations that have been created at the Bell Labs in the past 95 years. Bell Labs has always been attached to a large communications company and in 2015 Nokia acquired the Bell Labs when they purchased Alcatel-Lucent. 
Our guest Domhnaill Hernon is the head of Experiments in Art and Technology (EAT) at Nokia Bell Labs. Domhnaill collaborates with the artistic and creative community to push the limits of technology to solve the greatest human need challenges. In this conversation, we talk about culture and the importance of real diversity to create great ideas.
Domhnaill now sees most of his work through the lens of culture because he is bringing two very different communities together of artists and scientists and is helping them to work toward the same goal and embrace the diversity of thought that often leads to great innovation. 


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