ICYMI: NYDI September Meetup

Thanks for coming again to the NYDI September Meetup. Here is a quick rundown on what was discussed.

Thanks to our sponsor!

First though, a big thanks to Kieran McGovern of Trinet for sponsoring the food and drink on the night. If you’re looking for a turn-key solution to setting up benefits and payroll in the US or already have a business in the US and need a cost effective solution to Healthcare, Payroll, Taxes, Benefits, Employment Compliance, 401k, etc. touch base with Kieran directly at 212-843-2784. There is a special rate for all NYDI members.

Also a big thanks to Ann Kavanagh for inviting us to the impressive launch party for MatchPad.com – a better way to find roommates and apartments. We will have Anne speak shortly. She is impressive and they have done a phenomenal job bootstrapping that firm. Looking for $500k in angel.

Finally thanks to David Beatty for his insightful talk on Angel investing. If you want to reach him, take his advice and find a trusted third party, we are happy to introduce you both!

Speaker Follow Ups

Sian’s Plan – Vincent Breslin
@siansplan – www.siansplan.com
Turn a week’s worth of recipes into a seamless grocery shopping experience. Eat healthy and eliminate the waste!
ASK – Vincent and Fiona from Sian’s plan are here for 3 months on an incubator program. They are particularly interested in connecting to relevant media outlets (Cafemom, Allrecipes, Martha Stewart etc), grocery vendors (freshdirect). Also interested in funding.

ePubDirect  Gareth Cuddy , CEO
Empowering publishers worldwide with everything they need to run their digital businesses – distribution, monetization, payments and analytics across all their retail outlets
ASK – interested in connnecting to book publishers of all sizes. Looking to raise about $1.5m from a US based VC.

Teamwork.com – Peter Coppinger – @irltopper
@teamwork – www.teamwork.com
Comprehensive, easy to use suite of collaboration tools for Projects
ASK- In town for 6 months to see if NY Is the right place for them to locate their US presence. Looking to connect with potential customers of the platform. The platform can literally be used from large enterprises on down to sole proprieters. A particluar sweetspot is agencies. Also interested in meeting partners and other b2b Saas CEOs – in collaboration or other spaces – who have been there, done that.

Webseam – Charlie Pike, CEO
“Track changes” and annotations for websites. Their tool make it easy to visually comment / edit live websites.
@webseaminfo – www.webseam.com
ASK – Connections to partners and agencies in the web development arena as well as direct enterprise clients. Connections to marketing departments working on web technology projects. Ultimatley they are also looking to make webseam an attractive proposition for VC investment also.

The World Football Forum – Stephen O’Regan, Founder @stephenoreg
Early stage concept – Stephen is looking to create a platform to showcase the best football commentary from the local markets of teams worldwide and provide a place where true football fans can find the best pundits for every game. As this is early stage, Stephen is looking for developers, designers and other connections that can help make this concept a reality.

See you in November for a big NYDI event around our planned “Mission” Of Irish firms.


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